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The Design/Build Advantage and Options

Determining Security Fencing Needs - Valuable Assets or Homeland Security?
When you make the choice of fencing for security purposes, you must first answer one question: How sensitive or valuable are the assets or property to be protected? The answer will determine how impervious to intruders the fencing system needs to be.

At A-1 Fence Company, we can design a system using any number of anti-climbing, anti-cutting and/or terrorism-resistant features.

Does "design-build" offer you an advantage?
At the basic level - an A-1 Fence design-build project gives us the opportunity to use our 65 years of experience in our industry and our standard practices to offer our customer the most cost-effective solution to their fencing/security needs. One-on-one.

At the other extreme - to an architect, governmental entity, legal department or general contractor, "design-build" could also mean that they want a fully "engineered and structurally designed" project (or a fence) that meets any standard they want; cost-shifting all the burden, design assumptions, choices of specifications, structural calculations, soil foundations analysis and everything else onto the design-build entity. Obviously, this approach will cost you much more. At A-1 Fence Company, we can do it either way, but you have to choose. We will be happy to work with you.

The advantage of working with a design-build fencing company like ours is that we can produce the best possible result at a lower cost than using separate firms to design and to build your project. We can give you a single point of accountability throughout the entire process. We can also, at additional cost, hire and provide specific engineering if you need.

Design-build is a powerful tool to reduce inevitable problems that arise on a typical job site and end up creating cost overruns, change orders and delays. Many change orders result from a design that fails to take into account real world or site-specific conditions. With separation of the designer and builder, the owner typically gets stuck with the cost of the change. With design-build, there is no finger-pointing about who made mistakes. You know who is accountable.

If you have questions like "what about earthquakes or windloading", we can give you options you may want to consider.

With our design-build process, you’ll benefit from working with a team that, from concept to creation, has a single goal in mind - your complete satisfaction.

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