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Block Walls and Trash Enclosures

Block Walls

Small masonry wall projects are our speciality - with or without fencing and gates.

  • We can assist or pull the permits for you. There is a charge for this service. See some of the drawings below to assist you at the planning desk or permit department. Remember, every city has their own set of standard plans and most of them are available online from the city. This is a good place to start.
  • Typically, a wall slightly less than 6' high (5' 11") is much less costly than 6' or higher, and can usually be built with 6" block vs 8" block.
  • Local flat work, pilasters and small pads can also be provided. Raising existing walls are a simple addition.
  • "Retaining walls" put you into a different cost arena and may require structural engineering as well. We can assist you.
  • Permits may require multiple inspections, for each phase of the work.
block wall repairs - before block wall repairs - after
Block Wall Repairs - Before Block Wall Repairs - After

Trash Enclosures

These can be built as simple chain link fences or masonry walls, depending on your budget or city requirements. We can include the slab, small curbs, and steel or galvanized steel gates.

In higher risk areas, we can include a cover to protect from intruders.

trash enclosure


Accidents, age and earthquakes take their toll on your block walls. A-1 Fence Company has been providing cost-effective repairs to block walls to improve the integrity, appearance and visual appeal of your old walls.

Repairs to existing "garden walls" (less than 6' high) may not require permits and can therefore be very cost-effective.

  • Replace damaged sections. Repair stucco and wall caps.
  • Takedown to grade or top of existing footing and replace cracked sections.
  • Grout and add reinforcing steel bars to existing hollow walls.
  • Replace existing grout, block or brick caps and missing blocks.

If structurally engineered wall work is required, we can provide references and referrals.

Sample Drawings

Click to download a printable PDF.

Use our basic, standard designs, or provide us with your plans and specs.

Chain Link Trash Gate CMU Wall Template
Chain Link Trash Gate CMU Wall Template
Basic Trash Enclosure Template Typical Metal Trash Gate
Basic Trash Enclosure Template Typical Metal Trash Gate

Budget Estimates

Masonry Enclosures, complete

(7' wide x 6' deep x 5' 11" high) using 8" block, concrete slab and galvanized metal double gate

  • Singles: Starting at $9,250.00
  • Doubles: Starting at $13,500.00

Replacement Gates

  • Chain link, with slats and posts: Starting at $1,250.00
  • Galvanized metal: Starting at $1,850.00

Masonry Wall Repairs

  • Starting at $1,750.00

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