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Access Controls and Gate Automation

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A-1 Fence Company offers you an extensive array of access controls and gate automation equipment for your commercial or industrial needs. From wireless access to automated gates in slide, swing, or barrier styles, we have it all. 

The choices we offer include: 

  • Gate operators and motors
  • Telephone entry systems with gate communication
  • Keypad and card reader systems
  • Radio Transmitters and Receivers
  • Vehicle Scanners—Transponders, RFID Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Service and repair on automation systems and equipment. 


DoorKing 9550 Maximum Security Gate Operators Video


Telephone entry systems allow visitors to announce their presence at remote gates and allow residents or selected office phone extensions to communicate with and/or open the gate. A dedicated phone line is usually required for all commercial systems. This equipment is usually mounted on a post in a landscape area and can be situated for left-hand access through vehicle windows. A variety of options such as directories, lighting and tamper proofing can be included. Central programming can be accomplished with PC based phone systems and can include programming and control for card readers and keypads. The PC based systems also allow event logging and tracking for any individual account or member.

A digital keypad is also used to provide gate access. Low cost, one code electric locks are economical, or programmable systems with thousands of combinations can give each tenant/owner/employee their own code. The codes can be erased or changed. Since codes can be shared, this equipment provides a lower level of security.

Anti-passback features allow programming of the entry device to limit the time or frequency with which an individual card, code or key can be used. This reduces the opportunity for individuals to share a card or pass code.

A programmable card reader is also used to provide gate access. Each tenant/owner has his/her own card. The codes can be replaced as cards are lost or as authorized users change. Anti-pass-back programming can prevent card sharing.

“Proximity” card readers allow quicker access to gates and doors without stopping to “swipe” or touch the card to the reader. The greater the readable distance between the card and the reader, the more flexible the system and therefore the greater the cost. Read distances between 4” and 36” are the most common.

Digital transmitters (push-button-remotes) can provide gate access. Multi-button options allow individual control of multiple gates/doors. Smaller key-chain sizes are also available. Upgraded security is available with individually coded transmitters that prevent copying and can be individually deleted. These upgraded transmitters can also be tracked and logged into databases for transaction analysis.

Vehicle scanner systems and RFID systems can rapidly authorize and track individual vehicles (and or trailers) for gates, fuel docks, and remote locations, even at higher entry speeds.

Computer interfacing is available with most of the newer access control equipment.

Mechanical and programmable timers can activate or lockout the operator or other devices at predetermined times, including evenings, weekends and holidays.

Wireless systems are becoming more popular and reliable and are generally yield lower installation cost.

Higher level security devices can include biometric control using fingerprint, voice, or retina scan access.

Safety Equipment

Fire department releases/locks, including “Knox” brand items and strobes provide mechanisms for fire and/or police department access to areas behind gates and fences. Postal key boxes are also available.

Battery backup systems provide an optional accessory that allows the gate to open one or more times, even if power has been interrupted. This can allow security to be maintained in the event of a power failure. Most systems include a battery charger to keep the battery powered.

Manual releases can also be made available to unlock an automated or motorized gate. This allows a security breach but provides fire access without special keys or tools. Some systems require a “bolt-cutter” to open the trigger box.

Manual override features on some brands of gate operators allow the gate to “free wheel” open when the power is disconnected. Other models prevent this from happening.

Reverse loops are usually saw-cut into the asphalt or concrete on either side of a motorized gate. They detect the presence of a vehicle and trigger the gate to remain open or not open. These have historically been called “safety loops” but provide no pedestrian safety thus the name change.

Exit loops (open loops) allow gates to open and for any vehicle to exit without authorization.

Shadow loops check the area inside the swing radius of larger swing gates to detect vehicles.

Safety edge sensors are attached to gates, safety posts and other areas of a moving gate to detect impacts with vehicles or pedestrians. The devices trigger the gate motor to stop or reverse. UL-325 refers to these as Type B-2 contact sensors.  Note - minor vehicle damage may result from these "contact" devices.

Photoelectric-eyes are installed adjacent to moving gates or “pinch” areas to detect for pedestrians. UL refers to these as Type B-1 non-contact sensors.

Intercom systems provide communication with gates (over short distances) and can provide a push-button mechanism to open or close a gate.

Bumper guard posts (Bollards) are usually concrete filled, galvanized posts to protect the gate operator and other access control equipment. The size depends upon the anticipated traffic. Motorized and crash-rated versions are also available.

Service and repair problems are taken seriously.  We can also identify existing situations that do not comply with ASTM F-2200 and UL-325 standards.  Minimum charges do apply, and include an overview inspection of your complete system.


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