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Block Walls, Privacy Fence and Special Fence Products

Privacy Fences

In addition to security, privacy is important to the property owner in many fencing applications. A-1 furnishes and installs a large variety of products that meet this need, including:

  • Vinyl inserts for chain link fences
  • Windscreens, security screens and netting
  • Wood, vinyl and composite fences w/privacy features

Wind Loading

Please remember that all “solid wall” type fences are much more sensitive to wind conditions and must be properly specified by you and designed into your fence project. These upgraded designs come at a significant price penalty and are frequently overlooked by many fence contractors. Certified engineering designs quickly become very expensive. This option must be noted in your contract or estimate to insure that it is included.


Wood fences offer a traditional, natural, and beautiful aesthetic appeal that no other fencing material can duplicate. Wood fencing has a timeless character that never goes out of style. A-1 Fence Company can offer a number of redwood or cedar style fences to complement a traditional decor.


Low maintenance costs make vinyl fencing an attractive option. Because of its durability and the addition of a variety of colors and textures including a smooth white finish, vinyl fences have grown in popularity in recent years. A-1 Fence Company can provide the pricing and vinyl style options that are available to help you choose the best vinyl fence for your application. Many of these manufacturers offer extended and/or lifetime warranties in the correct application.

Masonry Block

We also provide block walls for retaining, trash enclosures, privacy or landscaping needs. Small block wall repairs are a specialty.

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Special Fence Products

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