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Frequently Asked Questions-What You Should Know

Standard Fence Design

The standard fence we install is based on our 65 years of experience in our industry, and relies on our standard practices. It also is in general agreement with common practices typically found our trade. It is not "engineered" by us for a particular use or application.

Standard Chain Link Fences have met the test of time, and are proven solutions.

Standard Ornamental Metal Fences are considered as "decorative", not "structural".

Engineered or Structural Fences can also be provided if specified.

Welded Ornamental Metal Products

Fences- In many cases, a high quality, pre-manufactured fence product is installed using field welding. This will always burn off the special corrosion protection coating for which you paid extra. No amount of field touch-up can duplicate the manufacturer’s process. All of these field joints are subject to more rapid corrosion, and for which there can be no guarantee. Most manufacturers provide a bolted hardware assembly option to circumvent field welding. This is highly recommended for all of these fences.

Shop Fabricated Fences and Gates

Chain link and ornamental metal gates are usually welded fabrications. Shop welds are primer coated. Chain link gates are then coated with commercial “cold galvanizing” products. For heaver duty applications, these gates can be specified to be coated after fabrication, and most commonly hot-dip galvanized. This will extend the fabrication time and increase your cost but may be a worthwhile investment. Ornamental metal gates are also primer coated in the shop. Many additional coating options are available.

Coatings & Finishes

It is safe to say that a better quality, more expensive coating or finish on your fence or gate will increase the life of your fence. Most frequently, your specifications will include this, but if not, our sales specialists can help you review your options.

What type of coating do you want?

  • Primer coating - is a basic, low cost first coat to retard corrosion.
  • Water based and oil based paint - is a low cost, second coat to provide color and an additional delay to the corrosion process.
  • Epoxy and other special paints - will extend the product life, at increased cost.
  • Powder coating - is a very common finish coating that provides extended field life to your fence.
  • Galvanizing - usually in chain link, but available for most products, is an upgrade that also extends product life.
  • Metalizing - is also a premium corrosion treatment that is an excellent base for finish coating.

Automated Gates


All A-1 automated gate installations fully comply with UL Standard-325. This is the revised, national standard for motorized vehicle gates intended to reduce injury to any pedestrians who may be in the vicinity of the gate.

What are the benefits? It should help to significantly reduce your potential liability and should be considered by your insurance carrier when they develop new costs.

ASTM F-2200 - 05 is the current industry standard of design for any automated gate. It also references UL-325 for the automation portion. Any knowledgeable contractor must be aware of the requirements of this standard.

Any automated vehicle gate system must also provide for a separate pedestrian entry. PEDESTRIANS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THE VEHICLE GATE FOR ENTRY AND EXIT.

Standard Practices

Our fence installation crews have many years of experience. Under normal conditions we follow standard practices for our industry that have been proven to work well over time. If the customer has specific requirements causing A-1 Fence to deviate from normal practice, these should be communicated during the proposal process. Customer requested field changes can be made but frequently impact our work schedule and completion time.

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