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Basic Fence Specifications

For a summarized version of the most commonly referenced fence specifications click here.  Please note that this is a large pdf file.




These specifications do not necessarily agree with any design/build or “standard methods and practices” used in the industry or, specifically any of those methods and practices used by A-1 Fence Company. Any required specification compliance must be included in the quotation.

ASTM nomenclature generally shows the specification number followed by the year (“-” two digit year) that the spec was modified. If no new modification date is shown, the most recent year it has been reviewed will be shown in parentheses. In general, ASTM will review each specification every four years, or before. These are subject to change without notice.

Please consult with the specifying agency for a complete copy of the current version.

A-1 Fence Company offers this information without consideration, for the exclusive benefit of its customers. Any duplication of this information is strictly prohibited.

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